• Supervise the educational work of the congregation. 

  • Supervise the Sunday school, vacation church school, and such other agencies the congregation may establish for the purpose of Christian education, except for the elementary school.

  • Appoint the superintendent of the Sunday school and the teachers and officers for one year.

  • Advance the youth activities of the congregation.


  • Supervise the music and worship program of the church and coordinate the activities of the choirs, organists, acolytes, ushers and altar guild.

  • It shall advise the council in such matters as:

    • Proposed changes in the worship service.

    • Special services and programs.

  • Work directly with Pastor, staff and lay leadership on service planning and execution


  • Assist the pastor and staff in visiting the sick and afflicted, the spiritually indifferent and delinquent members.

  • Concern itself with the spiritual development of the members of the church.

  • Promote a spirit of peace, harmony and good will among members of the congregation and, should a difference or dissension arise, endeavor to bring about a mutual understanding according to the scriptures.

  • Track the attendance of the congregation to determine the participation of members and aid in promoting participation in the church. 


  • Supervise, enlist members, train and guide for the following programs:

    • Mission and benevolence program of the church

    • All Christian service programs carried on under the sponsorship of the church

    • Social action study and service programs.

    • Seeking to bring others into the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ. 

    • Conduct a program of evangelism education.

    • Conduct an ongoing program of outreach visitation.

    • Maintain a system of records of visitors to the church.

    • Promote our church by the use of advertisement brochures, banners, etc.

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  • Coordinate Fellowship activities within the congregation

  • Activities shall include a variety of events to provide opportunities to make new friends and renew old acquaintances

  • Provide opportunities for church members to share the good news with visitors and other friends


  • The board shall supervise the elementary and pre-school education program on behalf of the congregation. In order to accomplish this goal, the board shall:

    • Secure and replace staff members.

    • Set school staff salaries.

    • Supervise enrollment.

    • Set and maintain standards.

    • Receive and disburse funds.

    • Plan for future needs.

    • AND MORE!


  • Establish, maintain and promote an active stewardship program within the church. 

  • Conduct a continuing stewardship program wherein all congregational members will be encouraged to contribute time, talent and treasure to support the church’s work.

  • Develop stewardship records including talent resources of the congregation.

  • Coordinate the needs of church organizations with available resources. 

  • Actively seek members to fill current needs.


  • Oversight and responsibility for maintenance and improvements of the church and school buildings and grounds

  • Take into consideration the functional needs and the aesthetics of the facility

  • Bring any recommendations for maintenance and improvements to the council for approval and funding authorization if required

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